Friday, December 21, 2012

{Day 8} The NY Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Happy 8th Day of Christmas everyone! Boy, do I have a treat for you today! My friend Kayle from The Cooking Actress is here to let you in on a little secret that's called...the NY Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. That's right...THE BEST! If you haven't been over to Kayle's blog yet, you have got to get right on over there! This girl whips up some bomb food in her kitchen! Uhhh hello...remember this guest post she did for me a little while ago? Yea...bomb! Take it away Kayle!

'Twas some time before Christmas,
and all through the internet,
peoples wondered who this was,
posting on Chelsea's Culinary Indulgence...

'Tis I! Kayle from The Cooking Actress! Hello my dears and a Merry almost Christmas or Happy {insert holiday you celebrate here}! Chelsea asked me to come by her blog today to share some holiday cheer! And of course...cookies.

Like most children, my mother baked up a whole lot of cookies during the holiday season. In my case however...I didn't much care for them. Sugar cookies just aren't my favorite (although I adored decorating them), and my favorite cookies-chocolate chip-were made thin and dull in flavor by whatever recipe my mom used. What I DID love was the dough. That chocolate chip cookie dough completely made up for the sub-par cookies. My mom would always make the dough ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator until she wanted to bake them, and she would sternly scold my brother, dad, and I that we were not to touch it! (We were, however, allowed to lick the beaters and the bowl and spoon). Of course, we didn't listen to her. Dad and I would always tip-toe into the kitchen and steal finger-fulls of dough before fleeing, and giggling. And then we'd do it all again. I think the sneakiness of it was half the fun. And Santa always seemed to like the cookies, so I was cool with the overall arrangement.

 These cookies only have 1 thing in common with those cookies-they have a resting time in the refrigerator. This is the famed New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and it is one that I fully intend to bake for my children one day (you know...when I have them) for the holidays--it will be difficult to resist eating this dough for the full 48 hours but...the cookies will be SO GOOD that we will be able to wait. And if the kids take a few finger-fulls of dough...well...I suppose that would be OK. :)

What makes these cookies so special? Let us list:
1.      They use bread and cake flours (producing a large, chewy, cookie)
2.      Good quality chocolate, and lots of it!
3.      Large cookies (around 5 in. when baked)-which provide a distinct 3 textures (crisp outside, gooey middle, and the magical middle ground)
4.      Sprinkling of salt on top-a beautiful combination of sweet brought out by that touch of salty.
5.      The 48 hour rest time. There's a whole scientific she-bang about why this is great, but just trust me that it is exactly what cookies need. They bake more evenly, turn a more gorgeous, deep shade of brown, and the flavors are more complex.

Definitely 1 of my faves. Definitely something you should put on your holiday baking list!

Now you all know the secret to the NY Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie! Make sure to stop by here for the recipe! Thank you so much Kayle for sharing this fabulous cookie recipe with us all. Be sure to stop by and show Kayle some love!

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The Cooking Actress said...

Yayyyy! Thank you so much Chelsea for having me!

Chelsea said...

Such a pleasure as always Kayle!!

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